Cheddars Menu Prices – Should It Be Cheaper Than This..

There seems to be a craze these days of casual restaurant chains like Olive Garden and TGI Friday’s rebranding themselves as purveyors of scratch-made, craft beer serving establishments. Well Cheddar’s Casual Cafe has joined the arena. The restaurant, which focuses on quality food at a acceptable price, recently launched a re-branding effort to focus on it’s efforts toward scratch-made food and healthier choices. The restaurant in Greenville was recently rebranded

Cheddar’s re-brand features a menu update as well, that was showcased in Greenville with a special tasting event the other day. I attended, along with my hubby, Shannon, who may be my willing partner in crime with regards to trying food, particularly meat dishes, that i avoid. Cheddar’s corporate chef, Robert Pesch was available on the event to explain a few of the changes. Pesch said the brand new menu items were a collective effort to create the Cheddar’s offerings more versatile and to highlight the from-scratch cooking that goes on in each and every Cheddar’s kitchen.

The menu changes span the whole menu from salads and sandwiches to entrees and cocktails. The newest menu incorporates a whole section of lighter dishes which are all under 500 calories, and a few more gourmet additions like house made sauces, marinades and fried jalapenos to include depth of flavor.

Asian Salad at Cheddar’s Scratch Kitchen. First up was the Asian Salad, a mixture of greens, carrots, mango, fresh cilantro, and topped with chicken as well as a peanut sauce. My partner loved this dish. I attempted the sauce and extremely liked a combination of peanut flavor and chili. It experienced a great kick that surprisingly did an excellent job of unifying each of the elements on the plate.

Shannon’s one comment was that he’d maybe try the dish with a heartier green like a spinach for additional nutrients and vitamins. Second up was the grilled Baja chicken. The dish was comprised of Cheddar’s scratch made black beans and rice, both of which were quite impressive in flavor. The chicken and beans were seasoned having a combination of spices that gave them a kick. Many xjybed the folks sitting around me commented on the spiciness of the dish. I, myself like spice, but those who don’t should probably ask for light spice.

Grilled Baja Chicken over rice and beans at Cheddar’s Scratch Kitchen. Third up was dessert, my favorite (obviously). I adore the concept of the mini dessert. You may enjoy something sweet however, not feel overstuffed. Obviously, that’s assuming you don’t order a different one. I had been tempted. Strawberry Cheesecake Mini at Cheddar’s Scratch Kitchen.

Cheddar’s has three mini desserts, a strawberry mini cheesecake, a chocolate trifle along with a key lime pie mini. These actually aren’t new items, however they are delicious ones.

We tried the strawberry one. The cheesecake part tasted more like a pudding in texture in my opinion, which I actually prefer, and also the blend of graham cracker crumbs and berries was perfect. Only thing the following is which i might have preferred fresh strawberries, but c’est la vie. At $1.49 I’d definitely order it by myself. Pesch said there have been more changes to come. He explained he and his team will work to modernize the salads and on acquiring a new bun for the burgers.

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