” As we do know, Loughner’s thought processes were incoherent

high quality hermes replica As far as we know, Jared Loughner does not appear to have any clear political orientation despite attempts on both the left and the right (ignored by Fox “News” which whined about “political cheap shots” from the left) to ascribe one to him. He was registered to vote as an independent. Based on what little was known of him, the right ran with the description of him as a “pot smoking liberal” a description found on Alex Jones’ website as well as numerous others despite comments, from those who knew him, that he had “anarchist leanings.” Mainstream media folks, as well as those being interviewed, refer to Loughner as “deranged.” But not so for Sean Hannity who began his interview, with one of Loughner’s teachers, with the comment that Jared Loughner was, according to his former acquaintances, “a pot smoking liberal.” As we do know, Loughner’s thought processes were incoherent and bizarre yet Hannity chose the hated “L” word. high quality hermes replica

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hermes kelly bag replica So one wonders where Morris got his numbers from. Furthermore, Obama’s health care plan speaks of “Providing affordable, comprehensive and portable health coverage for every American” (my emphasis). Nowhere is there mention of providing coverage for anyone else hermes kelly bag replica.

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